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My name is Marie. The place where I was born is surrounded by fabulous, picturesque nature, with lakes, rivers, mountains, deep forests and rich wildlife. It’s located near the Ural Mountains. I’ve always enjoyed reading fairy tales which took me to far away magical lands and revealed amazing creatures. Fantasizing about fabulous secrets of mysterious lands took up almost all my free time in childhood and did not leave me even in my dreams.

I carried my love for fairy tales and enchanting woods through the youth. After many years of searching for the way to express myself in art, the idea of the Mysterious Forest was born & my embroidery & sewing journey began.


I adore embroidery because it brings together wonderful and two of my favorite practices in art: drawing and craft. Drawing is about an idea, searching for colour combinations, composition and shapes. It is about thinking and sketching. But crafting is all about feelings and tactile impressions. Your hands just know what to do. It is when you take a look at the materials and ideas come by themselves! 

My usual workplace is my home studio. It is a small room, which looks like a vintage-filled Hobbit hole. It is full of all the essential instruments I need for creating. My cat Little Carrot usually sits on my lap and purrs.

The medieval, victorian & renaissance epochs inspire me a lot and you may feel them in my works.


A story of the name Little Pin carries an idea of keeping a darling memory, a treasure, always near you. It’s like a little secret that is special and meaningful for you, a wonderful tale about what you truly love.

 I do not only embody a forest fairy tale through the idea of the planet Mysterious Forest. It is important for me to implement human reflections, feelings and emotions into my works, to tell stories about ways to comprehend the vastness of the Universe. All my embroidery creatures have souls and they live in the spirit of Nature. Each one has its own character and story. Some of my works carry lyric and drama, some (I think the majority) are heart-warming and kind. All the creatures from the Mysterious Forest – the light and dark ones – need to coexist to keep the balance of the Universe. It’s like in this world –  there is no light without darkness.

I would like to spread hope, happiness and dreamy mood with my art, the feeling that every day is a gift, like in childhood. My wish is to create beautiful things, which make everyday life special. 
The ideas of my works say: You’re never alone and the Universe supports you in amazing ways. You’re a unique and magical soul!

I’m excited to show you my works which are now available on this site. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be happy if you find your new treasure here!🌙

Most warmly,

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