Clasp purse with embroidery of deer skull, moth and poppy flowers


That purse can be a lovely bag for your favourite and darling little things: crystals, nature gifts, beautiful coins, little bottles with potions and dried flowers.
The red poppy flowers symbolize a peaceful world. The purse is double-sided: there is a tiny amanita on the other side, which grows only in fairy gardens.

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There is no end of life in the Mysterious Forest. Each soul, that leaves a body of any creature, goes to a Crystal Land: a place to rest, a place to learn and analyse, a place where souls meet their ancestors and could choose (if they are ready) another life and another body (even another species!). Secretly, it’s a key to a question how hybrid beasts were born in the Mysterious Forest – they just chose another line to be reborn.

The size of this embroidered purse is 4.7*5.1 inches (12 cm wide*13 cm tall)

The purse is made of natural linen and cotton. Inside the purse you will find a pattern with vintage flowers. The clasp is antique bronze-colored and is decorated with burgundy flowers. The picture was handstitched with cotton threads.

This embroidered purse comes in a handmade linen pouch.


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