Clasp purse with embroidery of the sleeping bear Arthos Jr.

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That purse can be a lovely bag for your favourite and darling little things: crystals, nature gifts, beautiful coins, little bottles with potions and dried flowers.
The purse is double-sided: there are blooming daffodils on the other side and phrase ‘Rise and Shine’.

The name of this bear is Arthos Junior. He is the youngest of three brothers, from the family of brown grizzly bears who live in the Mysterious Forest.

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While Arthos Jr. had a sweet sleep all winter, some forest fairies decided to build a house on his back. They made a roof out of a sunflower! 🌻Now the daffodils are already beginning to bloom and Arthos is about to open his eyes, stretch after waking up and … Bam! Apparently, the fairies will have to hurry up to move their home to a new place!
By embroidering this bear, I wanted to convey the feeling of the arrival of spring, of warm season in general. This feeling of anticipation – such a magical transition state… That’s it! A feeling of expectation of something special, wonderful.
Here you are sleeping, dreaming and then you found yourself in a blooming universe! And everything around seems to make the world brighter, more fragrant, even more beautiful!

The size of this embroidered purse is 4.3*4.7 inches (11 cm wide*12 cm tall)

The purse is made of natural linen and cotton. Inside the purse you will find a pattern with flowers. The clasp is antique bronze-colored and is decorated with flowers. The picture was handstitched with cotton threads.

This embroidered purse comes in a handmade linen pouch.

1 review for Clasp purse with embroidery of the sleeping bear Arthos Jr.

    laura zimmerman

    Arthos Jr. has arrived!!! This purse is just as lovely as the photos. There is so much detailed hand work that has gone into creating this piece. I have admired Marie’s designs and embroidered pieces and it is so exciting to actually own one now! Highly recommend snatching up one of these if/when she makes more in the future. Marie put together an absolutely lovely package which was a joy to open up 🙂 Thanks again!

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