The Mysterious Forest is a unique invisible planet in the Endless Universe. It is surrounded by stars and comets and is located very far from other Wizard Worlds. It is full of extraordinary creatures. Some of them are gentle and friendly, some of them are dark and spooky, but they all need to coexist to keep the balance of the Universe. The vital concept of the Mysterious Forest comes from the close connection between nature and magic.

The Mysterious Forest is a magical place indeed! From the impressive mountaintops to the frozen rivers, from the miraculously beautiful meadows to the deep woods this land extends. Most wondrous beasts dwell in this boundless land. There are enchanting fairy gardens, filled with whimsical butterflies and dragonflies, amazing underwater worlds of crystal-clear lakes and abandoned swamps, mushroom valleys and emerald woods, full of jackalopes, unicorns, wolves and foxes, songbirds, deers and bears and numerous other woodland beasts. When the moonlight appears in the night, illusory moths are celebrating their glory. If you go deep into the Forest, you’ll behold fiery mountaintops, guarded by wise dragons and griffins, legendary thunderbirds and graceful phoenixes of all flame colours. 


There have been legends, myths, fairytales and songs created by talented dwellers of this land. And I am honoured to tell you those fabulous stories which came to me in dreams on nights of the full moon, devoted to the beauty and secrets of the Mysterious Forest.


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